Video Tutorials

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1. How to: Open the app. Enter a team name. Set the team foul limit. Enter player numbers & names. Set player foul limit.

2. Entering player names & numbers for Team B.

3 Setting the game clock and timing modes.

4. Selecting starting 5, and starting the game clock.

5. How to record a foul causing two free shots.

6. How to record a foul causing one free shot.

7. How to record the two types of Tech Fouls

8. How to record Time Outs.

9. Recording various actions during a match.

10. Using the Redo Last button.

11. Using the Edit/Check button.

12. Swapping between Score & Stat Mode and Score Only.

13. End of Quarter proceedure.

14. Placing shots on the half court graphic.

15. Recording fouls after a team has exceeded foul limit.

16. Adjusting the Game Clock to match actual time.

17. Player Exceeds personal foul limit.

18. Time Outs.